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Recover Data from Corrupted Mail Folder

We recover corrupted mail data such as Outlook PST, Outlook Express DBX, Lotus Notes NSFl, Exchange, Opera, Quickmail, Entourage, Xmail and Netscape. Mail is getting increasingly critical for daily business operation and loss of mail data means loss of business. We have extensive experience and proprietary methods of recovering lost mail data under all adverse conditions such as:

  • Deletion and cleanup of large mail folder
  • Mail data got corrupted for unknown reasons
  • Deletion of user profile resulting in lost of email
  • Unable to open mail folder or mail box
  • Mail data size exceeds the allowed size limit (such as the 2 GB limit in Microsoft Entourage or Outlook PST mail)
  • Partial overwrite of disk resulting in partial or complete lost of mail folders
  • Deletion of mail data followed by de-fragmentation

For some of the less severe mail data corruption, you may want to make a copy of your mail folders and try some of the standard mail recovery process outlined in our technical resources.