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Iomega Data Disk Recovery


We are able to recover data from corrupted removable Iomega data media such as Iomega Zip 100 MB, Zip 250 MB, Zip 750 MB, Jaz 1GB or 2GB.

When you insert the Iomega cartridges into the drive, if you find any of the problems described below, you may consider sending the media to us for recovery:

  • Infamous "click of death" and nothing could be read from Iomega cartridges
  • "System hang" after inserting the Iomega cartridges
  • CRC error message
  • System prompts to "reformat" the Iomega disk
    Blue screen dump while trying to read the Iomega cartridges
  • Original files and folders disappear and replaced by strange characters
  • Files filled with "garbage" characters or unable to access
  • Forgotten passwords lock resulting in "disk not in drive" error
  • Restore of multiple Iomega cartridges fails halfway