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Hard Disk Drives

Hard disks or hard drives are being used extensively in the computing world. Whether your computer is a server, desktop, laptop or notebook, it will contain at least a hard disk drive. Notably, there is also an increase in use of hard disks in MP3 players. iPod etc. Hard disk drive is a very sophisticated piece of device in the computer and it is here that all your valuable data is stored. You could read more to find out how hard disks work.

If your hard drive has crashed, typically the hard disk emits a “clicking” or knocking sound. Immediately shutdown the computer as the disk may have developed a head crash and bring it to us for recovery. Normally, any attempts to recover data without expert knowledge may result in an irreversible data loss.

Hard disk may fail in many ways, either logically, physically or a combination of both. See hard disk data recovery for more details. ADRC will be able to recover your data from the damaged disk under all situations.