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Data Backup

Here are 5 reasons to why you should backup your data:

All electronic devices will fail

You can buy the best hard disk in this world, but know for a fact that one day, your hard disk will surely fail. This can be due to accidents or more commonly, a natural death such as wear and tear. And when that happens, you might have to pay a great deal just to recover your data if you do not backup your data regularly.

Learning from past experiences

Statistics have shown that among companies which suffered from data loss, 50% never re-open and 90% are out of business within the next 2 years.

Hardware and system malfunction attributes to 44 % of all data loss, while human error is responsible for 32%, software corruption 14%, computer virus 7% and natural disaster which accounts for 3% of all data loss.

A recent research also revealed that it takes at least 19 days and cost approximately $17,000 just to recover 20 Mega Bytes worth of sales and operational data! And given today's technology whereby hard disks can easily have capacities reaching more than 500 GB, you can imagine the amount of damage you're likely to incur if you're to lose just 1% of your data.

Inexpensive Backup Media

Backup media such as CD and DVD recordable are affordably priced and widely available. DVDs now support up to the capacity of 8.5GB or more.

The Internet

Be wary if you are a hyper Internet user. Because the World Wide Web is infested with malicious viruses and worms that can attack your computer and damage your data without you knowing. Even with full fledge protection such virus scans and firewalls, you can never be 100% sure.

The Alternatives

You can't afford the alternatives! Computer users around the world spend thousands of dollars just to recover data that takes only a short time to back up. Just as the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry!