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Phone Data Recovery

Gone are the days when cellular phones were bulky, modest and only seen carried around by the working professionals. Today, the use of mobile phones has been widely propagated around the world. With the emergence of 3G mobile technology and vast advancement of newer SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, phones are constantly integrated with newer features and larger data storage capacity to provide convenience and efficiency whether in entertainment, communication, file management or connectivity.

The drawback of this however lies within its complexity. One of the common hazards that phone users face are virus infections that can be freely transmitted via the network. Notorious virus such as the cabir, Commwarrior and Lasco virus are known to infect Symbian Series 60 platform phones via the blue-tooth system. Malicious ones can wipe off every bit of data in the memory and in the SIM card. Cases of hacking and phreaking into remote devices are starting to surface lately. And this should be a warning to us that the risk of losing digital information is becoming more evident than before.

When problems like these occur, mobile phone data recovery will come in handy. Besides retrieving deleted data (be it accidental or intentionally caused by software error), phone recovery can assist in forensics investigations as deleted information in phone can be used as evidence for civil persecution in court. Advanced recovery can also help detect for digital frauds, internet abuse, digital theft and other illegal operations. Data retrieved generally includes contact numbers, phone registry, SMS text, video and audio recordings.